Dean Criag long

Dean Craig

Both Elvis fans and critics have said Dean’s voice is without doubt, the closest thing to Elvis’ they have ever heard, (even Elvis’ own family).

Dean’s voice has been compared to Elvis Presley’s many many times and most people say ‘He isn’t trying to be Elvis, it’s just natural for him’ and with the sometimes cheeky persona and amazing voice likeness to the King himself, you would think Elvis was in the building! He has a repertoire of over 600 songs

Dean has been an Elvis fan since he was about 6 years old. He loves to sing and record all types of music but Elvis being his first choice every time. He appeared in the brilliant Big Jim White Elvis musical ‘Forever Elvis’ (approx 1992) which toured England. He has appeared on local and national TV, Radio, Sky, Cable, CNN, GMTV, Yorkshire T.V. but this Elvis Musical was really the start of his singing career which has earned him the solid fan base he has today.

He sings around the world at Multi National Corporate events and has incomparable vocals.

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