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Kerryn Winn

Kerryn Winn has been performing since childhood. A massive fan of Elvis’s music since a toddler, Kerryn sang professionally full time in the 70’s as one of ‘Brinwood and Owen’ going on to win the 1976 Opportunity Knocks TV talent quest.

Under Ray Colombus’s management Kerryn continued to perform the music of the era including Bee Gees, Everley Brothers, Johnny Cash and Rod Stewart. Elvis music remains his first love and highlights in his career include performing in LA, Memphis, Hawaii, Australia, Japan and throughout NZ. A soloist specializing in Timeless Artists, Kerryn sings a mix of music including  Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darrin, Bee Gees and much more. If you’re an Elvis fan he can sing four hours of Elvis numbers non stop. Although Kerryn will dress in costume for the occasion at Elvis in the Gardens – he does not consider himself an impersonator. He doesn’t try to sound like Elvis – he simply sings Elvis and has the voice range to cover every genre.

His focus is on the music and songs rather than “the look.”

He is available for Private functions, clubs, conferences and events.